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We expect all of our writers to fulfill one of these blogging purposes: educate, entertain, inspire, or persuade. In addition, the submitted article must be:

  • Engaging a target audience.
  • Socially shareable by an interested audience.
  • It contains insightful and powerful messages for industry professionals.


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Guest Posting Instructions

Posts must be 100% original from the B2Bworlddatabases.

No plagiarism! We use CopyScape, but it’s up to the editor-in-chief to decide if a violation warrants a warning or is removed from the list of contributing experts.

No Self-Plagiarism: You may not “borrow” sentences from your own previously published content or company blog posts (or other documents). If you use the words or ideas of others, you must give proper attribution.

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Share your own experiences. Don’t rely heavily on quoting influencers, experts, or authorities from other sites.Be the expert!

  • Always provide actionable tips and practical advice.
  • How-to articles/guides.
  • Thought leadership.
  • React.js
  • Lists (e.g., examples, tips, tools, tactics).

How long should my post be?


The minimum length of a contributing expert’s post is 1,000 words.

If you want to write a detailed post with more than 1,000 words, our editorial team will review your article, insert keywords, and suggest suggestions.


Longer posts tend to get more page views, time on page, and social ratings. However, it also wears out faster.

The best posts are clear, concise, and long enough. After all, readers are busy. Tell them what they need to know and walk away.

Tips for formatting your content:

Short paragraphs are easy to understand and digest (especially on mobile), help get your point across, and encourage reading in this age of information overload and short attention spans.



Headlines should be interesting enough to make people want to click. Optimized for search and social media, and should be a maximum of 70 characters.

A/B test for titles

A/B test your headlines (main headline and two alternate headlines). Alternate headings must be less than 70 characters.

Link in article

Our editorial team looks for links with clients, friends, or those that appear selfish in any way. In some cases, promotions may not be intentional, but still have the same effect.

There are no links to company homepages as citations or cited sources. Linking to the source’s Twitter handle, LinkedIn profile, or another type of bio page is fine.

No self-promoting call to action (“Our new blog post covers this topic in depth. Click here to read!”).

No links to gated content.

Advertisements or links deemed unnecessary will be removed by our editorial staff.

We reserve the right to add rel=”nofollow” to links or remove links at any time before or after publishing an article.

Links to websites in these areas are prohibited: Pills/RX, Porn, Gambling, Payday Loans.

Buying, trading or selling links is strictly prohibited.

Formatting and Grammar Tips

Use H2 headings for subheadings.

No span tags.

There are no fillers/font formatting to affect the appearance of the content.

Use H3 headings for sections within subheadings. If you need to go deeper, it should be bold (not H4).

Example URLs (eg http://example.com) must be plain text (not hyperlinks).

Avoid bold in text.

No div tags.

For Pete’s sake: put a space after punctuation.

Writes out a single number “1..9”. 10 and above are represented numerically. Percentages are written numerically.

Example starting case:

In-Depth Guide to Web Applications

7 Reasons Employee Engagement Is Increasingly Important

Inspection and Maintenance Management System Handbook

Post must be pitch free

I am not writing to sell any products or to endorse any particular product or service.

You are writing this article to share your expertise, information, insights and ideas with your audience.

Our tech audience can sniff out sales pitches and client gratuitous mentions from a mile away.


If you think the above steps work for you, please send your article to info@b2bworlddatabases.com with the subject “B2B World Databases Guest Post”. We will reply by email within 2 business days. We will be happy to cooperate.