Lightbend Akka platform unifies cloud, edge dev
  • November 1, 2023
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In its latest form, Lightbend’s Akka distributed computing platform features a programming model that allows developers to build a cloud application once and run it in both edge and cloud environments.

Called Akka Edge, this model eliminates the high latency, large footprint, and complexity bottlenecks caused by edge computing, Lightbend said on Oct. 31. cloud and edge. Akka Edge provides a single application model, runtime, and data fabric for cloud-to-edge continuity. Akka uses the actor model to write a single service and run it anywhere from the centralized cloud to devices.

Akka, which supports the JVM-based Java and Scala languages, enables the development of reactive, event-driven systems that leverage the cloud. Akka includes a set of libraries for designing scalable systems that include processor cores and networks. Microservices are deployed with support for large-scale application deployment. Multi-read operation is provided without the use of low-level concurrency structures such as locks or atoms, allowing users to deal with memory issues.

Special features in the latest version of Akka include support for more limited environments such as working with GraalVM local image and lightweight Kubernetes distributions, Active/Active digital twins, and other use cases. Akka also offers adaptive data access with predictions from gRPC:

  • The Edge
  • Increasing efficiency and effectiveness
  • Programmatically defined low-foot active entity migration
  • Temporal, geographic, and usage-based migration

Instructions for getting started with Akka can be found at

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