Why high-quality data is imperative for marketers

Marketing is transforming to support the modern customer journey. With adults making 35000 decisions a day, the cognitive load can become too overwhelming. Marketers must gauge customer decision-making to craft the right strategy, creating more opportunities.

This blog post will illustrate the high-quality data imperative. Let’s dive in!

The newness

The volume of new tools and technologies entering the market is astonishing. The technology landscape has shifted substantially and continues to do so even now. These advancements have bestowed on people a plethora of choices and increased ease and convenience. The influx of new channels and platforms has paved the way for always-on communication and multiple touchpoints.

The modern marketing funnel isn’t linear. But with marketers not adapting to the changes in the market and consumer psychology, they fail to elevate the customer experience. And most customers make decisions based on the experiences brands create for them.

Here’s what to do next

If modern marketers can’t rely on data, analytics turn meaningless. Data has to be accurate and accessible, and it’s just not the marketing department’s problem. Businesses must make data quality an organization-wide responsibility. But marketers need to define what quality data means to them and make it an ongoing effort.

They may also leverage external sources such as tech publications, peer groups, and communities to supplement customer research.

The Editor’s Note

Bad data costs a lot, but it’s no rocket science to minimize the costs that come with it. Start with connecting the impact of data quality with marketing KPIs. Use data profiling early to draw constructive conclusions and spot data problems before it’s too late. As they say, timing is the difference between success and failure.


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