What is blockchain and what can it do for B2B business online

When we think of blockchain, we often associate it with terms like bitcoin or cryptocurrency. However, blockchain’s applications go far beyond these concepts. In recent years, blockchain has experienced substantial growth, and its undeniable benefits have made a significant impact on various industries.

Some marketers hesitated to explore the potential of blockchain due to their confusion about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Rest assured, we will delve into the intricacies of cryptocurrency and its substantial influence on your business’s efficiency, security, and trust within the B2B arena.

What is blockchain?

A blockchain functions as a digital ledger, similar to a business’s accounting records. Unlike traditional ledgers, it can be freely shared among strangers without the need for approval from a central authority. Once information is added to the blockchain, it becomes immutable — it cannot be changed or removed, ensuring a high level of reliability.

Using blockchain for business

Major corporations worldwide are competing to harness the power of blockchain technology, recognizing its diverse applications for businesses of all scales operating online.

1. Cloud storage costs: Firms are shifting away from centralized cloud storage providers like Amazon, which has faced data breaches, primarily due to the significant cost difference. Unlike centralized services that charge for storing data on their servers, decentralized cloud storage companies rent space from a network. This approach not only enhances security but also holds the potential for reduced storage expenses.

2. Data authenticity: Blockchain’s distinctive characteristics not only enhance data security against theft but also safeguard it from tampering and fraud. According to a cybersecurity expert interviewed by Forbes Magazine, the blockchain’s inherent architecture ensures immutability, meaning once data is stored, it cannot be manipulated or altered. In essence, a blockchain strengthens over time, making data increasingly secure against forgery and fraud. These advantages provide early-adopting firms with a competitive edge.

3. Data security: Every few months, it seems a tech giant falls victim to a troubling data breach, exposing sensitive customer data to cyber-criminals. Surprisingly, blockchain, being decentralized over a network, enhances data security rather than compromising it. Blockchain encryption utilizes highly intricate algorithms, safeguarding data within the blockchain, accessible only through a unique and complex key. Unlike conventional systems relying on passwords and stored on servers, blockchain technology offers a superior level of security. For B2B firms, blockchain holds immense potential in preventing cyber fraud and theft. Unlike tech giants like Equifax and Apple, smaller businesses in the B2B arena heavily rely on trust. Ensuring the protection of each other’s data is fundamental in any deal, and blockchain could simplify this aspect like never before.


Although still in its early stages, blockchain technology is already reshaping our world and revolutionizing various industries. Its transformative potential extends to the entire business landscape, including the B2B sales market. Given its numerous benefits, companies of all sizes are expected to adopt blockchain technology shortly. Its scalability and reliability have the power to transform established enterprises and their conventional approaches to conducting B2B transactions. By enabling precise data verification, recording, and facilitating secure, swift transactions, Blockchain enhances business operations significantly.

Adopting Blockchain will undoubtedly present challenges, but once integrated, it becomes an integral part of the business fabric.

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