Are my marketing tools working at their optimum capacity?

If this is the question you have in your mind, you need a marketing automation audit.

A marketing automation audit is nothing but identifying any loopholes or gaps in your system and finding ways to troubleshoot the issues. It helps you comprehensively audit how efficiently your automation tools are performing.

Listed below are ways to perform a comprehensive marketing automation audit efficiently.

Map Out the Marketing Automation Program –

Mapping out involves creating a visual representation of your marketing automation program. A graphical representation helps you envision the flow of automated messages and the different triggers and actions involved.

You can use a whiteboard, a tool like Lucid chart, or a marketing automation platform that offers a visual map builder to create a map.

Audit the Branding Across Your Templates –

Once the mapping is done, you can audit the branding across your templates. This means reviewing your email templates, landing pages, and other marketing materials to ensure they are consistent with your overall branding guidelines.

To audit your branding, you should check the following elements:

  • Fonts: Are you using the same fonts throughout your marketing materials?
  • Colors: Are you using your brand colors consistently?
  • Images: Are you using high-quality photos consistent with your brand aesthetic?
  • The tone of voice: Is your style consistent throughout your marketing materials?

Test all of the Conversion Paths –

Once you have audited your branding, you should test the conversion paths. Trying the different ways, leads can move through your marketing automation program and convert into customers will give you a clear understanding of the marketing map.

To test your conversion paths, you can leverage a tool like Google Analytics to track user behavior. You should also create test leads and move them through your conversion paths to identify any areas where there are problems.

Update the map with new features –

As you add new features to your marketing automation platform, you should update your map to reflect those changes. This will help you to keep track of all of your automations and make sure that they are working together effectively.

To update your map, you should review your platform’s documentation and identify any new features that can be added to your program. You should then update your map to reflect these new features.

Following these steps ensures that your marketing automation program is well-organized, effective, on-brand, and up-to-date with the latest features.

Bonus Tip: Key Components to Check During Marketing Automation Audit

To improve your marketing performance, focus on these critical components:

1. Landing Pages: Optimize templates and lead forms for high-conversion leads.

2. Email Campaigns: Test and modify drip campaigns, nurture campaigns, and follow-up emails. Improve automation tools for better delivery rates.

3. Workflows: Evaluate and fix marketing workflows to create a seamless customer experience.

4. Analytics and Reporting: Get a comprehensive view of campaign performance to make informed decisions.

5. Integrations: Audit third-party API and CRM integration tools for better sales and marketing alignment.

6. Lead Capturing: Ensure software captures and assigns leads in real time.

Wrapping it up

A marketing automation audit is not just an option but necessary to keep pace with the ever-changing technology and audience behavior. You must review your marketing automation stack and process regularly to cater to your audience’s interests. So, take the necessary steps to audit your marketing automation process and improve your marketing efforts to achieve better ROI.


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