Ever been hiking or rock climbing? If you are not an expert, you rely on your guide’s instructions before taking any step.

Customer success is something similar. You guide your clients toward successfully converting their leads into customers. But your work does not get over there.

Imagine how would you feel if your adventure guide left you after completing the hike one-way and refused to help you climb down. You would be furious, right?

Your job, just like your adventure guide, is to not just acquire new customers, but also help manage and retain them.

What is Customer Success?

Gartner defines customer success (CS) as, “a method for ensuring customers reach their desired outcomes when using an organization’s product or service.” CS is a proactive strategy that builds authentic customer relationships and provides support.

What is a customer success roadmap?

A customer success management roadmap is a plan that guides you in helping your customers achieve their goals. It enables companies to gather customer feedback, track their habits and needs, and gain a clear overview of their journey, from where they were, where they are, and where they will be.

By having a customer success roadmap, you can determine the future actions and resources needed to ensure customer satisfaction. Additionally, it helps you stay on track in fulfilling your obligations to your customers.

Creating Your Customer Success Roadmap

Building a customer success roadmap implicates creating a strategic plan to guide your efforts in ensuring customer satisfaction and long-term success.

Here are the primary steps to help you develop an effective customer success roadmap:

Define Customer Success Goals:

  • Clearly define the objectives of your customer success efforts, and align them with your overall business goals, such as increasing customer retention, upselling, and reducing churn.

Identify Key Customer Touchpoints:

  • Improve the customer experience by identifying and optimizing critical touchpoints and interactions.

Establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

  • Align your customer success goals with measurable KPIs such as customer satisfaction scores (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS), retention rates, and upsell/cross-sell rates.

Create Onboarding Processes:

  • Develop an efficient onboarding process that includes training resources, documentation, and support to help customers quickly realize the value of your product or service.

Implement Proactive Customer Support:

  • Proactively address customer issues using chatbots, knowledge bases, and automated notifications.

Develop Customer Communication Strategies:

  • Establish regular communication channels with customers through newsletters, webinars, and personalized emails to share product updates, best practices, and relevant information.

Gather Customer Feedback:

  • Collect feedback from customers through surveys, interviews, and forums, and use the insights to make data-driven decisions and identify areas for improvement.

Offer Ongoing Training and Resources:

  • Customers can stay informed about new features and functionalities through webinars, tutorials, and documentation.

Create Customer Advocacy Programs:

  • Identify and cultivate brand advocates to enhance product promotion. Use referral programs, testimonials, and case studies to showcase success stories.

Monitor and Iterate:

  • It is important to regularly evaluate the effectiveness of your customer success efforts, using customer feedback and data to make continuous improvements.


The bottom line is you must create a customer success roadmap that aligns with your business objectives and ensures a positive and valuable experience for your customers. Remember that customer success is an ongoing proactive activity. Hence, your customer success team should be efficient enough to identify problems before they occur and find ways to prevent them well in time.


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