In this high-speed business world, sales professionals must operate efficiently rather than exert unnecessary effort. This is where sales technology, often salestech, plays a pivotal role. Salestech tools empower sales professionals by automating repetitive tasks, facilitating data collection and analysis, and enhancing communication with potential clients and existing customers. Through salestech, sales professionals can channel their expertise towards their core strengths: nurturing relationships and sealing successful deals.

Salestech emerging trends

1. Identifying leads “above the funnel

Sales Development representatives frequently spend significant time researching potential leads before making their initial contact. Emerging machine learning tools now offer the ability to identify “above the funnel” leads by analyzing buying behaviour, personas, and company profiles.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) for better messaging

Sales automation tools streamline email correspondence and phone calls for sales representatives. However, until now, options have been limited for automating messaging platforms such as Slack, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. HubSpot offers comprehensive two-way integrations with all these platforms, but for those seeking messaging automation, exploring third-party solutions like Owler Max (A Meltwater Product) and LeadIQ is essential.

3. Virtual Sales Development Scorecards

There was a time when a sales manager could inspire their team by strolling through an open office area, generating enthusiasm and fostering healthy competition. However, the shift to remote work eliminated this motivational element, leaving many sales leaders needing help to motivate their Sales Development Representatives (SDRs). To address this challenge, platforms emerged aiming to monitor sales performance and boost team morale. Yet, most of these solutions relied on separate monitors to display scoreboards.

Salestech Challenges

1.Building Trust in a Virtual World

This challenge has arisen in the contemporary sales landscape. Today, sales processes are predominantly, if only partially, conducted digitally. During a Zoom meeting, for instance, it’s just you and your prospect. From their perspective, you’re simply a sales professional appearing on their screen, in their inbox, and sporadically on LinkedIn. It’s effortless for them to perceive you as a faceless entity. Building a meaningful digital connection can be challenging for everyone.

2. Inconsistent sales cycles

Sales cycles, particularly within B2B sales, tend to be extensive, sometimes even agonizingly. In moments of economic downturn, their predictability becomes even more challenging. These cycles can stretch longer than usual, unexpectedly shrink, or sometimes fizzle out before they gain momentum. Uncertainty permeates every phase of the sales process during challenging times. Consequently, it becomes a formidable task for sales teams and companies to forecast and anticipate revenue streams reliably.

The critical insight for marketers

Sales teams are transforming. Marketers should anticipate collaborating with sales teams that are increasingly tech-savvy, streamlined, and driven by data insights. To effectively complement these sales teams, how should marketers adapt? Delving into these evolving team dynamics will influence immediate revenue outcomes and enable Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and Chief Sales Officers (CSOs) to construct the ideal teams and technology stacks for delivering results during the anticipated recessionary phase and into the future.


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