B2B Marketing Automation Platforms Reviews 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of B2B marketing, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. As we step into 2024, the role of marketing automation platforms in streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency is more prominent than ever. In this review, we’ll delve into the top B2B marketing automation platforms that are shaping the industry.

Key Considerations for B2B Marketing Automation Platform Selection

1. Budget

Define your spending limits: Determine your realistic budget for a B2B MAP. Platforms can range from freemium options with limited features to enterprise-level solutions with high price tags. Consider the cost-benefit analysis based on your needs and expected ROI.

Subscription vs. Pay-as-you-go: Some platforms offer monthly subscriptions, while others have pay-as-you-go pricing based on email sends, contacts, or other usage metrics. Choose a model that aligns with your expected campaign volume and growth potential.

Hidden costs: Factor in potential implementation fees, training costs, additional storage charges, or API access fees to get a true understanding of the total cost of ownership.

2. Features

Core needs: Identify the essential features you require, such as email marketing, lead scoring, landing page creation, analytics, and reporting. Prioritize based on your marketing goals and current processes.

Desired integrations: Consider if the platform integrates with your existing CRM, marketing tools, or analytics platforms for seamless data flow and unified experiences.

Advanced needs: Do you need account-based marketing (ABM) capabilities, multi-channel campaign management, or AI-powered personalization? Ensure the platform offers these features if they’re crucial for your strategy.

3. Scalability

Future growth: Choose a platform that can scale with your business, accommodating increasing contacts, campaign volume, and team size.

Flexibility: Look for platforms with flexible pricing tiers and add-on modules to adjust your investment as your needs evolve.

API access: Consider if the platform offers open APIs for custom integrations and future development with other tools or applications.

4. Ease of Use

User interface: Evaluate the platform’s user interface for intuitiveness and ease of navigation. Consider your team’s technical expertise and whether they need extensive training.

Drag-and-drop functionality: Look for platforms with drag-and-drop features for building landing pages, emails, and workflows, simplifying even complex tasks.

Support resources: Assess the platform’s customer support options, including training materials, tutorials, and readily available assistance channels.

Top B2B Marketing Automation Platforms in 2024

1. HubSpot Marketing Hub

Strengths: User-friendly interface, comprehensive free plan, strong inbound marketing tools, CRM integration.

Weaknesses: Limited enterprise-level features, higher pricing for advanced functionalities.

Pricing: Free, Starter ($45/month), Professional ($800/month), and Enterprise (custom pricing).

G2 Rating: 4.4 stars

2. Adobe Marketo Engage

Strengths: Advanced lead scoring, robust analytics, account-based marketing (ABM) capabilities, multi-channel campaign management.

Weaknesses: Complex interface, steep learning curve, high cost for smaller businesses.

Pricing: Contact Adobe for custom quotes.

G2 Rating: 4.1 stars

3. Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Strengths: Powerful analytics, extensive integrations with Salesforce ecosystem, omnichannel marketing capabilities, AI-powered personalization.

Weaknesses: Similar to Marketo in complexity and cost, requires technical expertise.

Pricing: Contact Salesforce for custom quotes.

G2 Rating: 4.0 stars

4. ActiveCampaign

Strengths: Affordable pricing, strong automation workflows, pre-built automations, visual campaign builder.

Weaknesses: Limited reporting and analytics compared to enterprise platforms, may not scale well for large businesses.

Pricing: Lite ($29/month), Plus ($49/month), Professional ($99/month), Enterprise ($149/month).

G2 Rating: 4.5 stars

5. Brevo

Strengths: Feature-rich and affordable, user-friendly interface, native CRM, advanced automation builder, Facebook Ads integration.

Weaknesses: Newer platform with fewer user reviews compared to established players.

Pricing: Lite ($299/month), Pro ($599/month), Advanced ($999/month), Enterprise (custom pricing).

G2 Rating: 4.6 stars


As we navigate the complex landscape of B2B marketing in 2024, these platforms stand out for their unique features and capabilities. The choice ultimately depends on the specific needs and scale of your business. Whether you opt for the comprehensive HubSpot, the Salesforce-integrated Pardot, Adobe-powered Marketo, or the versatile ActiveCampaign, embracing a marketing automation platform is undoubtedly a strategic move to enhance your B2B marketing endeavors.


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