5 Best Salesforce Analytics Tools in 2023

In recent years, Salesforce has significantly broadened its array of analytics tools, enabling customers to gain insights from their data through various platforms. This expansion encompasses Salesforce Operational Reporting (OR), commonly referred to as Lightning Reports & Dashboards, as well as Tableau CRM (formerly known as Einstein Analytics), which includes Einstein Discovery.

The most recent addition to this suite is Tableau. However, due to the diverse options available, it can take time to determine the most suitable tool for specific use cases and understand the features that can be harnessed effectively.

Salesforce analytics tools

In the current landscape, analytics play a pivotal role in streamlining searches, making them indispensable for businesses. Consequently, business owners are prioritizing analytics tools to enhance their operations. Here are the top 5 salesforce analytics tools to boost your business.

1. Hevo Data: Hevo Data is a no-code data pipeline designed to facilitate seamless data transfers from Salesforce to a chosen data destination. Among the leading Salesforce analytics tools, it excels in automating processes by enriching data, transforming it into analysis-ready formats effortlessly, all without requiring any coding expertise. This tool proves ideal for obtaining valuable insights through the business intelligence tool of your preference.

2. Intercom: Intercom serves as a widely utilized analytics tool specifically designed for tracking and analyzing web applications. It utilizes JavaScript to monitor and engage with remote users and is compatible with both Android and iOS systems. Its features encompass client onboarding and ensuring a seamless customer experience. Additionally, Intercom offers an extensive array of statistics, empowering users to analyze their data effectively.

3. PaveAI: PaveAI functions as an extension of Google Analytics, distinguishing itself among analytics tools by effectively filtering out web traffic originating from fraudulent websites. It enables the creation of genuine and secure reports for accurate analysis.

4. Woopra: Woopra provides an appealing interface for conducting comparative analytics on customer data. It allows in-depth insights to be drawn from every user interaction, facilitating detailed analysis. The platform seamlessly integrates with various platforms such as Salesforce, MySQL, Slack, and more, enhancing its functionality and versatility.

5. Pingdom: Pingdom stands out as a Salesforce Data Analytics tool, adept at pinpointing and resolving latency issues swiftly for efficient analysis. Additionally, it equips you with comprehensive statistics, empowering you to make informed decisions and enhance your business effectively.


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