We have heard this and will hear it for quite a while, but AI is a big deal in 2023 and the future. By now, marketers are familiar with AI and how tools can impact their campaigns and day-to-day activities.

The impact of artificial intelligence on email marketing

Research shows that companies that rely on AI have seen significant growth in their revenue. Marketers rely more on AI to automate their work in the coming years. As AI helps automate marketing tasks, marketers focus more on strategizing new campaigns, being creative and focusing on different goals.

3 Ways To Use AI in Email Marketing

  1. Personalization at Scale: Personalizing emails using AI is a game changer. One can tailor email content to individual receivers on a large scale, considering their behavior, preferences, and demography. AI plays a crucial role here as it analyses a receiver’s past interaction with emails, the company’s website, purchase history etc. By understanding the interests, AI can help create highly personalized email content. The most prominent benefit of integrating AI in email personalization is a higher engagement rate, increasing revenue. Customers are more likely to purchase when offered personalized content/recommendations.
  2. Email copy creation: AI can help generate email copy content like any other function. Sometimes, marketers spend so much time brainstorming ideas for the subject line that they need to catch up by the time they reach the actual part of creating the email template. With careful data integration and prompts, AI tools can help create email content in seconds.
  3. Finding the best timings to deliver your emails: Sending an email at the right time is as important as sending it. AI can help you find the optimum time to send emails by analyzing past consumer behavior. It considers all factors like time zones, click rates, and engagement history to find the best time to ensure the emails are seen. If you have a global audience, it is best to have time zone-based scheduling. Actual data can drive accurate results.


The rise of AI is undeniable, but it is also a good thing. It is high time professionals embrace the opportunities AI has to offer. It can scale the outreach effort, create personalized content, and find new growth opportunities. Using AI in the email marketing campaign can take an organization to newer heights.


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